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Why Choose a Life Settlement?

Your current insurance policy may not be as suitable to your current situation as it was when you first bought it. Should you reevaluate your financial plan? A life settlement is one option many seniors are utilizing for their financial benefit to achieve a higher quality of life in the years to come.

Is Your Policy Still Suitable When Life’s Circumstances Change?

Circumstances change as we age.  The introduction of new and improved financial products allow you to reevaluate your financial plan and make beneficial changes when adjustments are necessary.  Gone are the days when you are stuck in life insurance investments that no longer meet your needs.

A  New Approach Could Make A Change For The Better!

The truth is that many policies lapse or are surrendered for minimal cash values, but with a life settlement you receive substantially more in exchange for your current policy.  We help provide you with the tools to evaluate a life settlement and take advantage of these new opportunities.

Are Your Insurance Investments Still Appropriate?

Investment decisions made many years ago need to be revisited and updated.  A life settlement allows you to realize the full value of your life insurance investment, if you need to make adjustments.  Should you explore the many secondary and underlying incentives?  Your advisors can help you make these decisions.

Quick Case Studies

$132,500 For Wife’s Senior Care Needs

Case 1: A husband needed to move his wife into a senior care facility but wondered how he could afford quality accommodations. He met with his attorney who recommended converting his wife’s $275,000 Universal life insurance policy into a Senior Care Benefit Plan in order to offset care costs. Q Life Settlements was able to help him obtain a $132,500 offer on her policy, which he placed in our proprietary Senior Care Benefit Plan which made monthly payments of $3,000 toward her care.

$180,000 Shared Among Family’s Children

Case 2: In the case of one family we helped, four adult-children owned a $1,000,000 life insurance policy on their 74 year-old mother. There was no cash surrender value in the policy and it would lapse if a premium of $33,300 wasn’t paid. The family didn’t want to pay the premium, but they also didn’t want to lose the investment of all those premium payments they made since they took out the policy in 1995. Their financial advisor suggested selling the policy. Q Life Settlements helped them get an offer of $180,000 for the policy, and each owner got $45,000 while alleviating the premium burden.

$54,000 For Parental Care Needs

Case 3: A daughter was trying to help fund her parents’ long term care needs, but the cost was too high and she was facing the prospect of taking on debt. She met with her financial advisor who suggested she look into our Senior Care Benefit Plan to help her parents. Q Life Settlements was able to help her sell her father’s $100,000 Term life insurance policy for $54,000. They used our Senior Care Benefit Plan to make $1,000 monthly payments toward her parents’ care.

$54,640 For Ailing Wife’s Home Care

Case 4: A husband needed to hire a home care provider to assist with his ailing wife. The couple agreed that the best way to fund care would be to sell the wife’s $148,000 Group Universal life insurance policy. Premiums were a drain on resources and the need for care was urgent. Q Life Settlements helped them obtain a $54,640 offer for her policy, which they used to make $2,000 monthly payments to cover her home care with our Senior Care Benefit Plan.

What Are The Benefits Of A Life Settlement?

There are many positive aspects a life settlement offers versus the alternative of letting a life insurance policy, whether unwanted, unnecessary or unmanageable, simply lapse. Life insurance companies often discourage their agents from telling customers about the far better cash outcome available through a life settlement. You now have a choice.

Life Settlements Can Provide These Advantages:
  • Gift a family member or charitable organization
  • Retire debt on outstanding personal obligations
  • Fund new long term care insurance
  • Generate funds to invest in additional insurance, annuities or securities
  • Purchase new insurance that better meets the needs of your client
  • Fund a Survivorship policy purchase

Kind Words From Satisfied Customers

“I appreciate all the help you gave us because we never could’ve afforded the wonderful woman who came to help us these last 8 months. We never could’ve afforded her care. Thank you soooo much for everything!”

- Patricia R, GA

“Again, I want to thank you for your patience and support during this challenging time and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a great pleasure speaking with you the other day and I really appreciate all of the hard work you have put in throughout this entire process ”

- Constance K., VA