Planning For Your Care

Pay for senior care through life settlements.

The Senior Care Benefit Plan

Did you know a life insurance policy can pay for senior care expenses? A Senior Care Life Settlement converts life insurance into monthly, tax-free payments covering any form of Senior Care.

Benefits Of An Irrevocable Benefit Account

A Senior Care Life Settlement is flexible and can be adjusted to meet changes in Senior Care needs; it provides a tax-free funeral expense benefit (if desired), and any remaining account balance is paid to the family. After years of premium payments, many policy owners will allow a policy to lapse or surrender it for any remaining cash value. This is a big mistake when the same policy could be used to pay for the costs of Senior Care.

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Your 77 Year Old Father
Policy Size
Policy Conversion
Monthly Benefit
Benefit Duration
9 months
Funeral Benefit
Your 74 Year Old Wife
Policy Size
Policy Conversion
Monthly Benefit
Benefit Duration
24 months
Funeral Benefit

Don’t let your life insurance policy surrender. Understand your benefits and take care of your or your loved one’s Senior Care.

Your 76 Year Old Sister
Policy Size
Policy Conversion
Monthly Benefit
Benefit Duration
20 months
Funeral Benefit

Did you know?

2018 National Average Costs Of Senior Care

Based on 44 hrs/week for 52 weeks at $22/hr


Nursing Home


Assisted Living


Home Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Senior Care Life Settlement an insurance policy?

No, it’s a Benefit Plan administered by a third party on behalf of the insured and family with the tax-free payments sent every month directly to the
provider of long term care services.

Are there any fees charged or premium payments?

No, there are no fees or obligations to apply and no more premium payments due on the policy after conversion.

Are funeral expenses covered?

Yes, a tax-free funeral benefit is paid to the family, in the amount of their choosing at the time of establishing the benefit account.

What type of life insurance policies qualify?

Most forms of in-force life insurance qualify including Term, Universal, Whole and Group.

What type of care will the Benefit cover?

All types of long term care are covered including home care, independent living, assisted living, memory care, nursing homes, and hospice care.

Is the policy sold?

Yes, as part of the Benefit Plan enrollment the policy owner will complete a life settlement working directly with a licensed Provider.