Calculating Financial Freedom

Learn how life settlements are determined.

Life Settlement Calculator

If you’ve ever used a life settlement calculator tool to estimate the resale value for a life insurance policy, you may have wondered about the factors that are considered in a life settlement transaction. Learn how selling your life insurance policy (known as a life settlement or viatical settlement) might be a good fit for you or your loved ones.

Why Should You Consider a Life Settlement Offer?

If your life insurance policy is too expensive.

Some policies might become prohibitively expensive and make it difficult to continue paying premiums. Selling a policy allows people to reinvest their funds.

If you don’t need your policy anymore.

Some people no longer need their life insurance policy for the same reasons they originally purchased it. Selling a policy provides people with money they need now.

If you need money for immediate needs.

Some families have urgent bills or medical expenses that require immediate cash. Selling a life insurance policy can contribute to the emergency fund.

If you want to fund a long-term care plan.

Some policyholders are ready to fund long-term care for themselves or a loved one. Selling a policy can help them begin contributing to the plan.

If any of these reasons apply to you, contact Q Life Settlements or get your estimate now, so one of our brokers can help you convert your life insurance policy into money you need today.

Your Life Settlement Eligibility

There are three top-level requirements that make you eligible for a life settlement and increase your opportunities to sell your life insurance policy.


Age and Health


Policy Type


Policy Size

What Else We Look For

Find out what other factors might influence the value a life settlement calculator places on your policy.


The older you are, typically 65 and up, the more value there is in your coverage at resale.

Policy Type

What type of coverage do you have? The most valuable policies are universal life (flexible premium) policies. Other policy types, including whole life insurance and term life insurance, can also have value.


What premiums must be paid? The lower the premiums which must be paid in future years, the more valuable your plan is.


Are you male or female? Since women typically live longer than men, policies on males are valued higher due to the shorter life expectancy.


Who is the life insurance company? Policies issued by insurance companies with the highest quality ratings have the highest values.


Does your coverage have a loan against it? Coverage with policy loans can also be purchased, but the amount you would get paid would be offset by the loan amount.


How is your health? The value of your life insurance policy depends, in part, on a professional estimate of your life expectancy. Your health helps determine the result of that evaluation.


Is the insured a US citizen? Is the owner a US citizen or company? At this time, we can only work with life insurance policies on US
citizens and from US citizens or companies.


Do you only want to sell part of your coverage? We can help you achieve this objective as well, and we will value only the portion that you want to sell.

Policy Size

What is your policy’s size? Insurance policies with a death benefit of $50,000 or more likely to be more valuable for resale.


Does your plan have cash value? The value of a life insurance policy is primarily based on the death benefit (face value) of the plan rather than the cash value. If your coverage has little or no cash value, it still may be very valuable.


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Find The Right Buyer

What you should know before you sell.

Life settlement buyers should make sure their life insurance provider or life insurance broker is licensed in their state (i.e. the state of the policy owner / policyholder). Check with the state’s Department of Insurance, Department of  Financial Services, or equivalent state agency about whether the life settlement broker or provider are licensed. For example, in Florida, the regulator for viatical and life settlements is the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Your life settlement / viatical settlement provider and life settlement broker should be a member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association. LISA is the primary trade organization for those working in the life settlement industry in the  US, and members must abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

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