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September 4, 2020

Travel During COVID-19, are Quarantines and Fines Possible?

Many of us want to travel – either to visit family, perhaps for special events, or for recreation or vacation. Europe, in general, is not allowing Americans to enter their countries as of today, although Britain and Ireland are open, but what about traveling around the US?

What? Are you saying there are limits on where I can go in the US? Yes, there are limitations on where Americans can travel to in the US and it may depend on where you are from.

In an August 25 article, AARP put together a recap as of that date of the restrictions to travel within the US.

17 states and DC currently require self-quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. The definition of quarantine and fines or penalties for violating quarantine vary widely. Hawaii will go so far as to arrest a person who violates their quarantine. Please look at the article referenced above and perhaps check with specific state Tourism offices when planning a trip.

In addition to state restrictions, many of the major amusement parks in your own state may have restrictions. You can check out their status as of June 22 here.

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